Based in the UK, BP is one of the world’s largest corporations and energy suppliers, leading energy transition.

Carillion Communications has been BP’s valued and trusted technology partner for several years, specialising in the design and integration of Audio Visual and video conferencing systems. The partnership has played a pivotal role in establishing global AV standards within the organisation.

The Brief

BP presently possesses 30 telepresence rooms that can join Teams meetings through a Cloud Video Interop (CVI) system. However, users encountered a suboptimal experience with this setup, as a result an upgrade became necessary.

The immersive presence offered by the previous Polycom Telepresence solution, distinguished by its multi-screen layout, set a high standard for user experience in the conferencing rooms. To successfully transition the room technology one objective was to ensure the room retained a premium feel, another key objective was to design the technology to take
full advantage of Microsoft Teams front row layout, to allow participants to appear at life-size scale, creating a sense of being in the same room.

Implementation Process

We initiated the project with an in-depth design consultancy phase, including an assessment of the room’s layout and acoustics. Using Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) rendering, our team visualised the space and plotted sight lines to optimise equipment placement. This process provided BP’s Project Managers with a clear visualisation of the final installation, enabling virtual adaptations to be requested, approvals to be made, and a precise project roadmap to be agreed.

To provide an immersive experience, we integrated two LG 136” LED displays that are renowned for their ability to deliver captivating visuals. These high-definition displays were carefully installed, allowing us to achieve an ultrawide 32:9 aspect ratio. This aspect ratio was recommended to the client over the 21:9 ratio, to allow for optimal camera placement.

The aspect ratio adjustment also enabled us to develop an innovative mounting solution for the Huddly L1 6K camera, which we believe is a first for this application. A custom bracket was fabricated to fit between the two displays, enabling precise camera positioning to the optimal height relative to the seating arrangement. This placement ensures that everyone is captured perfectly and direct eye contact with the camera is maintained, resulting in an enhanced video conferencing experience.

Additionally, we incorporated two Teams-certified beamforming microphone arrays in the room to ensure exceptional audio quality. These microphone arrays are designed to capture clear and precise audio, enabling every voice to be heard regardless of where individuals are seated.

The room had already undergone acoustic treatment. This treatment significantly reduces the impact of reflections, echoes, and reverberation caused by sound waves bouncing off hard reflective surfaces. The acoustic treatment improves speech intelligibility by creating a balanced and uniform sound environment. As a result, hearing and understanding become much easier. The entire audio system is based on Dante. Dante audio is a widely used audio networking technology that allows for the distribution of high-quality, uncompressed audio signals over standard IP networks. It simplifies audio system setup and management by eliminating the need for complex analogue wiring and allowing for flexible and scalable audio routing.

In this instance the two line array speakers were specifically selected to take full advantage of Teams spatial audio.

Installed Technology

As an innovative Microsoft Gold Partner, we have established strong partnerships with leading AV brands and acquired substantial installation expertise. Drawing upon our extensive network of suppliers, we thoroughly sourced and meticulously selected the most suitable, fully compatible technologies for the project.

  • Two LG LED Displays: We installed two LG LED displays to deliver stunning visual presentations and enhance the overall viewing experience in the room.

  • Two Column Array Speakers: We integrated two column array speakers to ensure exceptional audio quality, providing spatial audio and clear communication during meetings.

  • One Teams-Certified Camera: A Teams-certified camera was installed to enable high-quality video conferencing and clear visibility of participants during virtual meetings.

  • Two Teams-Certified Microphone Arrays: We integrated two Teams-certified microphone arrays positioned to capture crisp and precise audio from all participants.

  • One Microsoft Teams/Windows Device: A dedicated Microsoft Teams/Windows device was installed to provide seamless integration with the Teams platform, allowing easy meeting initiation and collaboration within the Microsoft ecosystem.

These expertly installed, cutting-edge AV technologies integrate to create a comprehensive solution that enhances both the visual and audio aspects of meetings.


In transitioning from a Telepresence setup to a Microsoft Teams enabled, front row optimised immersive room, we have successfully achieved an upgraded meeting environment that provides BP with an immersive and enriched meeting experience. In summary, this room embodies BP’s commitment to innovation, providing leadership teams with the tools they need to collaborate effortlessly with colleagues around the world through Microsoft Teams.