Supplier Prompt Payment Policy


The Company recognises their responsibility to their supply chain partners and accepts the need to settle those suppliers on time. The Company, therefore, endorses and abides by the Prompt Payment Code.

Code Criteria

The Company undertakes to:

Pay suppliers on time

  • by paying 95% of invoices within the agreed payment terms and without attempting to change terms retrospectively
  • by paying 95% of all invoices within 60 days, and 95% of invoices from businesses with fewer than 50 employees within 30 days
  • by acknowledging their right to use late payment legislation to invoice for late payment interest and charges when appropriate

Give clear guidance to suppliers

  • by providing clear and easily accessible guidance on payment procedures and invoicing requirements at on-boarding stage and on an ongoing basis
  • by ensuring there is a system for dealing with complaints and disputes which is clearly communicated, and providing a contact-point (or online portal) for them to ascertain the status of invoices being processed
  • by advising them immediately if there is any reason why an invoice will not be paid to the agreed terms

Adopt and encourage good practice

  • by requesting that lead suppliers encourage adoption of the Code throughout their own supply chains
  • by using the PPC logo to demonstrate commitment to the Code principles and enhance supplier confidence
  • by avoiding any practices that adversely affect the supply chain

Our standard payment terms are 30 days

A valid invoice is one that:

  • is delivered on time in accordance with the contract
  • is for the correct sum
  • is in respect of goods or services supplied/delivered to the required quality
  • includes the date, supplier name, contact details and bank details
  • quotes the relevant purchase order reference
  • is emailed to:, or delivered to: Carillion Communications Limited 8 Central Estate, Denmark Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7BN

It is the suppliers’ responsibility to provide correct bank details and email addresses to Carillion to facilitate payment. Any changes to address or bank details must be notified to Carillion no less than 4 weeks before they take effect.

Payment methods

We process supplier payments weekly and pay our suppliers using BACS (Bank Automated Clearing System) only. Carillion is not responsible for any delays in payments being made which are outside of our control (e.g. where our Banking Provider suffers from technical failures or otherwise delays the processing of such payments). Remittance advice notes are emailed to the supplier once the payment has been processed.

Payment disputes

Carillion will endeavour to advise suppliers promptly of any disputes or reasons why an invoice will not be paid in accordance with the agreed terms. Invoices that are subject to dispute will not be paid until resolution of the dispute. Once resolved, payment will be made in accordance with the terms of this policy and the Code.


Complaints in relation to the processing of payments and/or invoices should be emailed to, or made by telephone on 01628 419 519, and the relevant supplier reference number should be quoted.