Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

The Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has over 250 years of experience caring for their community.

Throughout this long history, the Trust has been at the forefront of medical innovation, leading the way in areas including plastic surgery and spinal injury treatment.


We were appointed to carry out the upgrade, including de-installation and removal of the legacy Audio Visual hardware, along with the sourcing and installation of the latest replacement equipment to create a flexible space that could accommodate all of the Trust's meeting requirements.


The meeting room must be adaptable to accommodate everyone who uses it, whether they are present physically or virtually. This ensures everyone has the same meeting experience, regardless of location. An effective audio-visual meeting room solution enables everyone to interact as if together, improving communication, stimulating ideas and ensuring every meeting is turned into an effective collaboration.

As well as being one of the UK's leading Microsoft Gold Partners, we have long-standing relationships with all the major AV brands and many years of installation expertise. With this extensive supply chain network, we always specify and source the right technology for the project and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure end-to-end compatibility.

For this project, a stunning, high-definition LED wall was fitted to ensure everyone in the meeting – virtually or in-person – experiences the same collaborative meeting environment.

Furthermore, two 65-inch displays were mounted at the rear of the room to act as repeater monitors to the main display, allowing presenters to view what is being shown without interruption, ensuring the room is as comfortable and practical for presenters as it is for the audience. The meeting space was transformed into a laptop-driven, fully connected Microsoft Teams Room with dual camera video support to allow for a view of the audience and the presenter.

Replacing the legacy speakers: two large column speakers with superior sound quality were installed at the front of the room. Additionally, multiple wall-mounted speakers were placed around the room's perimeter to ensure that the sound of the meeting fills the entire space. The microphone system was also upgraded to include a Lectern gooseneck microphone, wireless handheld/lapel and in ceiling microphones for conferencing, ensuring every voice is heard from every corner of the room. A new AV lectern was fitted to house all the new hardware, providing presenters with a position to deliver.


Technology Installed

● Absen dual 1080p LED wall
● Connection from an NHS PACs PC
● Connection point for laptop users - supporting HDMI, USB-C, DP and Mini DP.
● DVD/Blu-ray player
● Input connection for a Microscope
● Fixed Visualiser
● Local monitor at the lectern
● Laptop Driven Microsoft Teams video
● Two large column speakers and multiple wall-mounted speakers
● Lectern gooseneck mic, wireless handhelds/lapels and in-ceiling microphones.


The upgraded, hybrid meeting room enables Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust to seamlessly connect and collaborate with colleagues virtually and in person, as well as provide a welcoming and functional space for their training team to operate. The upgraded installation has helped to elevate their virtual meeting experience, improving clarity to facilitate heightened idea exchange and empower everyone to work more closely together wherever they may be.