Remote AV Monitoring

Your audio-visual network is always operational, even when you’re not in the room. Today, if a performance-related issue develops it’s typically called into the helpdesk and sometimes this may not happen until the next room booking takes place when the issue is discovered. This delay could seriously result in a loss of facility availability and can add additional pressure to the meeting organiser and participants. Our remote AV monitoring service provides an elegant solution, allowing a Helpdesk Engineer to access network monitoring functions from our control room completely remotely and securely using TeamViewer, giving you peace of mind that any issue can be mitigated quickly.

Remote Monitoring

Minimising Delays Through IOT Management

Our intuitive IoT device management can set performance expectations and can raise an alarm when one of a device’s statuses crosses the line. Our remote AV monitoring service means that there is no need for the support team to manage all the estate all of the time. Key Performance thresholds are set at levels that will allow time for a potential problem to be dealt with before it becomes mission-critical. IoT Device Management makes it easy to maintain BAU and the health of your AV estate.

Carillion staff are proactive and strategic in their approach, which is one of the reasons they have been our AV partner of choice for more than six years

Denver Diedericks – IT Support Analyst, CVC Capital Partners
Remote Monitoring

Keeping Your Systems Update through Smart Remote Device Management

With smart device management, we can remotely update the software running on your devices after they have been deployed in the field – allowing us to ensure that devices are always running on the latest software and keeping your business at the cutting edge of AV software. We can also remotely execute device-wide actions such as reboots, factory resets, and security patches. With secure tunnelling, we can easily connect to and troubleshoot individual devices that may be located behind restricted firewalls.

Remote Monitoring

Improved Staff Efficiency Through Remote AV monitoring

Our AV monitoring services allow staff to focus on more important tasks and only address problems with the hardware when an alarm is raised, leading to enhanced productivity and the ability to really focus on growing your business. By utilising the cloud to allow remote access to IoT AV technology our specialist teams can remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues without actually having to physically visit the location. This can all be done through a fully managed service that can be launched in minutes, which will provide support technicians, field operators, and engineers the ability to easily view and securely interact with devices, making management accessible from anywhere and reducing the time for troubleshooting.

This AV installation is definitely 'step up' and a genuine sales facilitator

Tom Gillard – IT Project Manager, Osborne Clarke
Remote Monitoring

The Benefits of Remote AV monitoring

The Carillion remote AV monitoring can revolutionise the way you handle technical issues. Our customers benefit from numerous advantages by implementing AV monitoring into their audio-visual infrastructure which includes: Proactive incident resolution, Rapid Problem Solution, Customisable Alerts, Proactive Maintenance, Automated Maintenance, Detailed reporting, Root cause analysis, Performance over time metrics.

Remote Monitoring

Trust Carillion To Maintain Your AV Systems

Allowing our efficient monitoring tools do all of the work of watching equipment performance has been very successful for IT departments managing networks for a number of years. Whilst in its infancy compared to office network monitoring the same strategy works just as well for IoT devices and brings with it efficiencies from downtime to travel costs and the associated environmental impact with travel, to improved reliability, and longevity with greatly improved end-user confidence.