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Enrich your hybrid meetings

Microsoft Copilot offers features that streamline and automate mundane tasks, enhance collaboration and enable your team to focus on the more creative jobs, boosting productivity. At Carillion, we lead the way in blending Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms and Microsoft Copilot to enhance your hybrid meetings.

Copilot is an intelligent assistant that provides real-time support and can easily be customised to meet your organisation's unique needs. Its flexibility and capacity to extend its capabilities through plugins make it a continually evolving asset, adapting to the ever-changing business landscape to improve your Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms experience.

Boost your team's performance

Copilot helps your team stay focused and productive by increasing efficiency with functionalities, including meeting topic summaries and highlighting key points from your Teams meetings.

Enhance collaboration for your entire team

This powerful tool seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and other apps to ensure easy access to your files while in a meeting, helping your team collaborate more effectively, saving time, improving quality and boosting productivity.


Get more from your meetings

Free yourself from day-to-day tasks like summarising meetings. Copilot can summarise Teams messages from any topic you ask and even draft an email with notes and action items from your Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms.

Improve communication across your company

Your team can communicate efficiently through content creation prompts, ensuring your team is up to date with the latest company information. Furthermore, with speaker recognition, Teams Rooms can precisely attribute who said what during a live transcription in a shared meeting room.

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