Meeting Room AV

The demands of a modern meeting room have evolved in recent years. In fact, meetings no longer take place in just one room, emphasising the need for seamless interconnectivity and clearer communication between participants. Whilst the technological needs have changed, the fact remains that a meeting room is where ideas are born, relationships are formed and deals are secured. With that in mind, we provide professional meeting room AV solutions to optimise your meeting room experience and facilitate the modern needs of a meeting - from design and installation to maintenance and support services.

Meeting Room AV

Focus & Ideation Spaces

When designed using the latest audio, video and large format devices (LFD) your scrum, ideation and huddle spaces are transformed into a collaborative and creative environments. Designed for 4-6 people to come together and share, our technology aids collaboration without limits with remote connectivity and collaboration in mind. 

Carillion shone through. They suggested how we could keep some of our current infrastructure to accommodate the planned changes, and their communications were brilliant.

Julian Beckles – Global IT Infrastructure Manager, Fine and Rare
Meeting Room AV

Meeting and Board Rooms 

We understand the challenges of technology in the modern workplace. Delivering the collaboration benefits of Microsoft Team Rooms (MTR) our solutions can offer the flexibility that a traditional meeting space cannot, giving access to meetings on personal devices to facilitate the best possible meeting experience for every one of your users. Empowering employees to work from anywhere with a consistent experience across the workspaces is very much the focus of our design.

Meeting Room AV

Immersive Spaces 

Our immersive technology creates an extraordinary panoramic video conferencing environment with a shared boardroom simulation wherever the attendees are located. Large blended displays and spatial audio creates an environment that feels like a physical meeting, with features of the room designed for maximum visibility and engagement. With a well-considered combination of excellent design, furniture that compliments the space such as a V-shaped desk and reliable, simple to use technology, we can transform the way you meet and collaborate with your team with an immersive space. 

Our relationship with Carillion has grown over the years; we’ve come to view them as a trusted partner, even more so after we worked hard together to eliminate some persistent programming bugs.

Stephen Grant – Global Infrastructure Manager, BC Partners
Meeting Room AV

Town Hall and Lecture spaces

The technology used in lecture theatre and town hall spaces can enhance collaboration, create unparalleled learning experiences and transform meetings into interactive, inspiring environments. We design and install projection and video walls for displaying large-scale content, audio systems to enable consistent sound and the ability for wireless collaboration to optimise your meetings.

Meeting Room AV

Reception Areas

When hosting clients, welcoming job candidates or potential business partners, first impressions go a long way. Our AV technology can provide the ‘Wow’ factor in reception spaces that are commonly the first places visited by outside guests and customers. From media architecture constructed from LED video walls and easy to use Wayfinding or room booking solutions to large format displays and digital signage, our solutions impress and educate visitors in customer-facing areas creating a dynamic first impression in major thoroughfare areas.