Bring Your Own Device Technology

Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, is increasingly popular, allowing colleagues and associates the convenience to manage their meetings, with all the resources they need available on familiar devices. BYOM puts the power back into the hands of your people who decide where and how they connect with meeting participants in order to create a seamless user experience with an easy setup. Carillion delivers professional BYOD solutions, facilitating streamlined communications from any device, in any workplace, with full integrations for seamless connectivity.

Bring Your Own Device Technology

Our BYOD Technology

Our comprehensive room solutions include all the essential assets, including customised cameras, speakers and microphones, with direct USB connections to link with individual devices. Initiating virtual meetings from your personal device, integrated with in-room tech such as audio-visual systems and collaborative tools enables workers to use their preferred unified communications solution, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Codex or WebEx, without needing to install new software. 

Carillion did an excellent job with coordination and logistics. At one point, we thought we might have to delay, but Carillion managed to secure all the equipment in time and put a crack engineering team in place

Stuart Mitchell – Senior Analyst and Team Leader, ECMWF (Weather Centre)
Bring Your Own Device Technology

Fast BYOD Teams Connectivity

Whether you have a business-critical presentation to deliver or need to access data to contribute to decision-making, simply being able to walk in and connect directly to a meeting is the modern workplace aspiration. Carillion BYOD solutions are the perfect way to ensure all remote audio and video distributions work smoothly. 

Bring Your Own Device Technology

Superior Sound  

Audio quality in remote meetings is crucial to ensure all participants can fully engage in the discussion, hence the importance of implementing accessible solutions to make virtual contact as natural and effective as in person meetings. Superior cloud-based video collaborations are perfect for small or mid-sized meeting rooms and ensure crystal clear sound quality and sharp images across all participant devices. 

BYOD audio-visual ensures that the typical technology challenges of poor audio quality are eliminated, with optimal sound using dedicated microphones and loudspeakers to distribute information to each device.

Bring Your Own Device Technology

Leading Brand Manufacturers

Our experienced teams provide a vast range of devices, hardware and integration options to ensure every participant can connect with meetings, both remotely and in-person, through BYOD accessibility. Examples of leading audio-visual brands we supply include Logitech, Crestron and Poly, with Extron dongles for an enhanced user experience.

Bring Your Own Device Technology

Professional BYOD Audio-Visual Hardware

The key to effective BYOD integrations is to use professional standard components, such as high definition webcams, innovative sound systems and automatic camera control to ensure every participant can engage with the speaker.

Replicating the authenticity of a face-to-face meeting improves involvement and helps businesses in the post-pandemic climate embrace agility and flexibility, providing the right BYOD solutions to support each team member. A single meeting room set-up can connect multiple remote participants, each with an independent device, equipped with headsets and webcams to follow the meeting proceedings as if they were all in the same space.

To be at the forefront of technology and maximising efficiency in the meeting spaces with open collaboration and sharing of content. Utilising unified communications with the ability to collaborate with teams anywhere

DPR Group
Bring Your Own Device Technology

Efficient Remote Conferencing Solutions With BYOD Integrations

BYOD encourages greater participation and productivity, with all the familiarity of a personal device, incorporating integrated conferencing solutions. Carillion modern conferencing systems meet a vast range of demands, with outstanding capabilities and advanced security, available for in-person meetings or as an inclusive way to involve remote speakers.

Fully featured conference systems with BYOD integration invite each attendee to log in, take ownership of their note-taking or information sharing, and connect to meeting resources fluidly, without downtime, additional set-up costs, or any loss in communication quality.