Control Rooms

The modern AV control room is often the heart of your businesses AV facilities, enabling building-wide management of all AV solutions. Audio-visual solutions are crucial for control rooms, providing systems monitoring and precise information delivery for fast decision-making in environments such as emergency services and high-risk industries.

Carillion is a control room integration specialist installing interfaces that automate your AV system and the room environment. We design and implement control room technologies such as video walls, remote monitoring software, live video capture and building access management (BAM). Our focus is always on designing the optimal control room to enable your workforce to respond quickly and gain instant clarity about the scenario at hand.

Control Rooms

Command and Control Solutions For Vital Sectors

Carillion audio-visual control rooms harness the best functional features to help operators move faster, gain urgent clarity and streamline their decision-making. Future-proof control rooms are imperative, as technological innovation generates a continual challenge to ensure these spaces accommodate rising demand seamlessly. Carillion control room solutions adopt many strategic components, including AVoIP networking to support an always-on requirement.

Carillion were very responsive, demoed during our review phase, and installed over a weekend, which was an impressive, super clean job

Ivan Corbett – IT and Infrastructure Manager, Brands2Life
Control Rooms

Our Control Room Design

Purpose-built control room integrations designed by our accomplished consultants include a thorough assessment service to identify the optimal installations for your need. We work closely with every client team to evaluate essential requirements and eliminate existing pain points to develop control centres with a perfect blend of functionality and ergonomics in even the most complex organisations. From screens, PCs and microphones to lights, cameras, presentation devices and meeting room control systems, Carillion offers a single-source consult and installation service.

Control Rooms

Mission-Critical Control Room Performance  

Video wall displays are a key control room solution, incorporating multiple displays and collating content to communicate messages effectively. Operators can drag content across the palette, prioritising visual displays when handling a mission-critical scenario. Fully-featured video walls optimise control room efficiency, with reduced hardware requirements and a scalable solution that can expand to manage a number of displays across a vast number of locations, all controlled via a single operator interface. Control room video walls are easy to deploy, reduce reliance on hardware and cabling, and use enhanced security servers to safeguard against potential safety concerns. Carillion can also advise on options to enhance overall organisational cybersecurity and protect confidential information.

Control Rooms

Advanced Audio-Visual Control Room Management

Options include using LED walls, video walls or screens with drag and drop management via full browser-based controls. The advantage of these integrations is that you can adopt a global management approach, with one platform handling worldwide display applications in real-time. Role-based access privileges enable managers to assign access to specific features based on role designations and team set-ups, setting user rights to ensure each operator has tailored access permissions.

The LFB set a “no mistakes allowed” expectation, which Carillion achieved

Sally Bigland – Technical Project Manager, London Fire Brigade
Control Rooms

Bespoke Control Room Audio-Visual Solutions

As an end-to-end audio-visual solutions provider, Carillion offers a comprehensive consultation service, allowing our design team to craft bespoke control room technologies to help effectively manage incident response protocols and endpoint connections. Our command centre audio-visual solutions provide environmental comfort for operator welfare, adaptive design, intuitive control room consoles and storage options to maximise the efficiency of your teams. Each control room is equipped to handle multiple applications across different rooms, buildings, sites or locations to streamline digital management and faulty systems diagnosis for a more agile, compelling user experience.