19 June 2024

Leading the way with Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms and Microsoft Copilot

At Carillion, we are leading the way with Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms and Microsoft Copilot. We work with our customers to deliver synergy between the two products to help enhance your hybrid meetings.

We deliver hybrid work, where virtual and in-person collaboration can coexist, to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Microsoft Copilot.

Our customers use the technology in the meeting room to gain a better understanding of what is agreed upon and, if any questions have been raised, generate fresh ideas and provide the ability to give quick and concise feedback after a meeting.

In addition, Copilot can be used in other ways, such as:

Speaker Recognition: Copilot utilises voice analytics that is completed through Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams devices can use this same technology to employ advanced technology called speaker recognition. By analysing the vocal characteristics (such as pitch, tone, and speaking style), the devices create a unique fingerprint for their voice. With speaker recognition, Teams Rooms can precisely attribute who said what during a live transcription in a shared meeting room. This ensures clear and accurate voice capture for every participant, whether they're physically present or joining remotely.

Summarising Hybrid Meetings: Copilot excels at summarising hybrid meetings. It captures key discussion points, identifies contributors, and suggests action items – all in real-time. By utilising the transcription service, Copilot can obtain vital information from the transcript to make meetings intelligent.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – AI has an impact beyond Copilot by ensuring everyone is seen, heard, and recognised in hybrid meetings. Attending hybrid meetings and being able to see everyone in the room more clearly and intelligently can be a challenge, especially when there are multiple participants in the same physical space. How do you make sure that the remote participants can see the faces and expressions of the in-room participants and that the camera continues to frame them as they move around the room?

One solution is IntelliFrame, a feature that uses AI-powered cameras to dynamically adjust the field of view and zoom level to capture everyone in the room. When someone in the physical room speaks, IntelliFrame, using its intelligent camera technology, brings them into focus for online attendees, capturing every expression and gesture. It is like having a savvy camera assistant that focuses on each speaker.

Integrating certified for Teams intelligent cameras and speakers with speaker recognition and Copilot enhances meetings, creating an immersive and interactive experience for all, regardless of location. Additionally, creating recognition profiles for IntelliFrame enables the camera to identify and label meeting participants, enriching meetings further. When combined with speaker recognition and Copilot, this fosters engagement and team cohesion, resulting in seamless and productive meetings for everyone.

Remote participants will have a better experience as IntelliFrame's automatic camera switching becomes available later this year. This feature uses AI to select the best view of each person in a meeting room by comparing multiple video sources, such as laptops and room cameras. This way, remote participants can always see who is in the room clearly. It chooses the best head pose for each person in the room based on the video feeds - for example, using laptop video feeds instead of the front-of-room camera when there are multiple people in the same room. If someone in the room is blocked from the camera, another camera view will be used to provide a clear view for remote participants.

Getting the most from now - You can start with Teams Rooms devices even if you don't have Copilot yet. They are the initial step in improving your hybrid work settings and getting ready for Copilot integration later. Carillion can assist you in being prepared for a smooth switch to the full features of Copilot and create a more intelligent and connected meeting experience.