The station supplies 3% of the UK's entire electricity needs and currently
employs over 500 full-time staff.

Location | Leiston, UK


EDF, formerly British Energy, needed to create simulated working environments and emergencies under the close scrutiny of the Training Team. The purpose of an immersive training room is to provide the same realistic training scenarios to those in the room and those watching back later. Immersive training enables everyone to interact as if they are in the situation for real, improving communication, stimulating ideas and ensuring every session is turned into an effective collaboration. The training environments and large spaces were fitted with microphones, loudspeakers, cameras and an Audio Sample player for realistic simulations.


Each training room is fully equipt to provide exceptional videos of every session, which can be recorded and saved on a hard disk or DVD for later review. The upgraded installation has dramatically enhanced the simulated training experience and feedback sessions, increasing clarity and improving participant communication. This has enabled better collaboration and teamwork.

“EDF is planning to expand this facility to include additional areas and increased functionality.”