10 July 2023

Supporting Foodshare to serve our community.

We have been proudly supporting our friends at Foodshare Maidenhead for around 6 years. Since it was founded in 2011, Foodshare has grown to become the largest registered charity in Maidenhead, with over 80 active local volunteers working to improve the lives of people in our community.

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Serving nearly 500 people a week at their Food Bank and recently established Social Supermarket, Foodshare is committed to providing more than simply dietary staples and always aims to include fresh meat and produce on its shelves. Healthy eating is particularly important for the youngest in our community, so Foodshare makes regular deliveries to local schools, helping to ensure every young person can start their day with a good breakfast and enjoy a well-earned lunch with their friends. Foodshare currently helps to feed over 60 children each week.

Foodshare also serves around 150 hot and healthy meals across several different venues every week. Not only providing essential nourishment and nutrition, but these community canteens also help to improve mental health and well-being by offering people who are usually lonely the opportunity for much-needed companionship in a warm and welcoming environment.

Funded entirely by donations of both food and funds, Foodshare is faced with the challenge of maintaining its operations and expanding its capacity in an economy under the most intensive inflationary pressures for a generation. We are, therefore, dedicated to continuing to play our part by providing them with essential funds and food to share with the people they serve.

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We hold regular activities and events for our Carillion Communications colleagues, many of which raise funds for Foodshare. From Christmas jumper parties to Easter bake-offs to summer golf days, a lot of fun is had, and a lot of money is raised. Always popular are ‘Meet and Eat’ lunchtimes, with lunch provided by our favourite local restaurants, and 2023 gave us the opportunity to come together and celebrate an occasion not seen in this country for nearly a century – the crowning of a king!

With raffles, competitions and sporting sweepstakes, along with a ‘Can and Coin’ donation drop box at all of our events, regular 3-figure donations are made to Foodshare throughout the year. Foodshare has come to mean a lot to all of us at Carillion Communications over the last several years, and our entire team looks forward to continuing to raise funds for them this year and for many more years to come.

"Having sustained support from Carillion Communications is a huge help to the Foodshare charity. The steady flow of funds raised means we can buy what we need to supplement donated food items, especially fresh food and children’s favourites for our Holiday Hunger project. And support from a local business resonates with many of the people Foodshare sees, raising morale knowing other workers are giving a helping hand in their time of need."

Lester Tanner- Foodshare, Maidenhead