Financial services, investment & banking

Carillion Communications has worked extensively in the finance sector, with financial services companies, investment firms, insurance brokers and banks.

Carillion provides a turnkey audio visual service from design to installation and support. Our audio visual and video conferencing services encompass equipment specification, room design and quality assured installation.

Carillion works as a specialist audio visual adviser to many UK and international firms, consulting on equipment, performance, integration and ROI.

Much of Carillion’s work in the finance sector centres on clarity of communication, both in client offices and with their partners around the world. Carillion helps with IT infrastructure to ensure ease of use that accommodates every user's IT experience level and maximum reliability across disparate systems.

The subject matter and topics under review in the financial sector are frequently high risk and sensitive. Carillion audio visual and conferencing systems are designed to build understanding and collaboration that boost productivity.

Audio and video technology is also being deployed to meet banks’ retail objectives by maintaining closer contact with customers who expect increasingly personalised, convenient services. Video communications help banks to improve customer service experience.

CVC appointed Carillion Communications as their VC partner to conduct on-site surveys

Reliable global video conferencing enables focused financial analysis

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